Student Council

The Student Council Connection
 Sponsored By:  Mrs. Jeffress & Ms. Melton

*Membership sc2
The StudentCouncil is comprised of third, fourth and fith  grade students who havebeen selected by their classmates. Once each classroom had selected theirrepresentative, the student council will elect its president, vicepresident, secretary and treasurer. Fourth grade students may run foroffice of Secretary or Treasurer, and fifth grade students may run forPresident or Vice President. Those who are elected as student councilmembers are looked upon as role models. They are expected to adhere tothe Critical Core Values, infused throughout our curriculum, at alltimes.   
*Meetings   sc4
Meetings aregenerally held once a month on Tuesdays after school from3:00-4:00. Sometimes we have "special event" meetings in which we meet more thanonce a month.  A signed parental permission slip is required to attendthe student council meetings.  Officers may be required to meetadditionally with the advisors regarding the agenda for each meeting.
At SouthHaven Elementary School giving back to the community is an importantpart of our education. Student Council sets the bar for excellence asthey assist with school wide events, charity fundraising,and giving backto the community.  Every October, Student Council works hard organizingand promoting the National RED Ribbon Week activities. In November wewill work hand in hand with the PTO on a school wide food drive. StudentCouncil is involved in MANY other activities as well.
*Communication  sc6
We arevery proud of the high level of communication that exists at South HavenElementary School. We have a strong PTO in which parents and teachercome together to set goals for our school. Our quality committee workshard to oversee the many educational facets of our great school. OurStudent Council is the place for students to take part inthis communication.
 * 3 Strikes - You're Out!      sc8
Student Council members have a "three stikes and you're out policy". This policy ensuresthat members follow the Critical Core Values throughout the school. This includes the completion of classwork and homework assignments,conducts in the classroom, specials, playground, and cafeteria as well asregular attendance at our meetings and special functions.  If an"offense" occurs, the member receives and X on their student councilprogress sheet.  Teachers, administrators, and other staff members whowitness inappropriate activity may report the incident to Mrs. Smith orMs. Melton, resulting in an X on the members progress sheet. Upon receiptof three X's the member will be asked to leave student council and is tobe replaced with a newly elected member from their class.
*Student Council Mission   sc9
Our purpose is to facilitate good relationships between our students,staff, and ourcommunity.  We are proud to encourage character skills with an emphasison citizenship, and we provide an outlet for students to share in thedemocratic process through our classroom elections in September.