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Library Donation information

As many community members know, South Haven Elementary School lost all of the books located in our Library Media Center. Portage Township Schools is planning to rebuild the library and take this as an opportunity to incorporate an Innovative Learning Lab into the new design to encourage the incorporation of STEM activities into literacy.

We will need to replace the books we had to remove. Many community members are excited to help, and we are so appreciative. At this time, we are working through plans that encourage donations of new books to directly replace the titles we lost. This will allow us to quickly restock the shelves and give our students a clean, new Library Media Center. As soon as we are ready to put those plans in place, we will communicate the best ways for our community members to make donations and assist South Haven Elementary in restocking our library.

We are lucky to have a community that is ready and willing to help. Thank you to those who have reached out and offered assistance. We are excited to work with you as we rebuild and restock our future-ready library.

As we develop and release donation plans, we will post them to this page.

Thank you!