Core Values and Beliefs

Core Values

  • Meaningful and engaging curriculum and instruction that is student-centered, research-based, and reflects students' diverse needs.
  • Life-long learners and coachable professionals.
  • Employees who exemplify critical values and add value to the lives of those around them.
  • Financial decisions that positively impact students.
  • Responsible stewardship, accountability to community taxpayers, and forward thinking as it pertains to budgets and finance.
  • An orderly, inviting, clean, healthy, safe, and secure learning environment for students and employees.
  • The integration of technology throughout all levels of learning to augment instruction, provide the necessary tools to ensure technological literacy, and to enhance college and career readiness.
  • A strong, active, and productive technology presence throughout the district.
  • Students that demonstrate responsible digital citizenship, are proficient utilizing and possess the skills to adapt to emerging technology.
  • Diversity
  • A positive culture reflecting a physically and emotionally safe, productive, working and learning environment.


  • Student achievement requires all stakeholders to be invested in our students and their college and career readiness.
  • Student achievement is dependent upon the collaborative efforts of administration, teachers, support staff, family, community stakeholders, and the students themselves.
  • All students are capable of learning and will be challenged to reach their full potential.
  • Curricula should be viable, aligned, rigorous, intentionally taught, learned, assessed, and reflected upon.
  • All employees are collectively responsible for educating our students, modeling high expectations, and positively impacting students' lives.
  • PTS is responsible for embracing employee strengths, cultivating areas of growth through training, and developing talent for future sustainability.
  • PTS has a responsibility to teach, model and foster behavior that reflects integrity, compassion, equity, and respect for all.
  • Community engagement creates the synergy for high achievement and student development.
  • Our schools are a source of pride and the foundation of a strong community.
  • In open and honest communication with the school community, striving to develop positive relationships, valuing the community's voice, and encouraging active community participation.
  • Learning is the purpose of education.