Home School Advisor

Connie Melton
Home School Advisor
(219) 764-6844

Ms. Melton is the Home School Advisor at South Haven Elementary. The mission of a Home School Advisor is to promote life-long learning through a positive school experience. Home School Advisors provide support services to students through individual or group sessions and classroom presentations. Topics include, but are not limited to: behavior, self-esteem, divorce, conflict resolution, life-skills, social skills, test anxiety, friendship, new students, grief, substance abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.

Home School Advisors provide services to students when there is a referral from a parent, teacher, or principal. Once there is a referral, it is the Home School Advisor's job to decide whether the student is more appropriate for an individual or group setting. It is the job of the Home School Advisor to meet with children from the time of the referral until termination of services.